Corning Painted Post Workshop



Workshop Photos

Click above to see pictures of our week together.  We are looking forward to hearing from you all.  We have set up a guest book; please sign in!

Quotes From Workshop Attendees

Have a look at some randomly chosen excerpts from the Final Evaluation Forms by clicking above.  Thank you for your comments and suggestions.  We take them seriously, as you know.  For example, we are planning to adjust the group-work format for one-week workshops in order to give more "practice time".  We are working to map Rick's PowerPoints to Curriculum Standards.  We also are going to take your suggestion to capture more Herb-isms by taping all future workshops. Please send more! 


This space is reserved for participants' lesson plans and/or classroom activities applying some aspect of the Adjective Noun Theme.  Please email your ideas - we will proudly post all of them. 
PreInventory vs. PostInventory Results
 Percent Increase in Scores

The graph to the right shows the frequency for each category of percent increase.  For example, 3 people increased their scores by 200% or more. All participants increased their scores; 42% at least DOUBLED their pre-Inventory scores