About this website: organization of content
Teachers realize that the ultimate test of mastering new material is how effectively they transmit that material to their students.  As a consequence it is only natural for them to ask such questions as “How can I use this material in my classroom?”
Our website is dedicated to answering that question. Our experience indicates that students, especially those who do not expect to enter a mathematics-related field, see mathematics as a series of disconnected topics, none of which have a direct bearing on their lives.  The material that you will find on this website is based on a single thread that unifies the entire mathematics curriculum and at the same time interweaves mathematics with history, language, art and science in a way that all ages and learning styles can appreciate.

To help teachers transmit their mastery of arithmetic in ways that their students can internalize effectively, we have organized the material as follows:


  • Choose Common Core Standards Resources for slide show presentations categorized by grade level and Common Core Curriculum Number and Designation. 
  • Under Classroom Resources, each page contains
    • Teacher Slide Show Presentations that are teacher-oriented versions of our comprehensive arithmetic course (found on  Every topic is included in the common core curriculum.
    • Student Slide Show Presentations that were developed specifically for teacher to use in class with their students.  They are an adaptation of the corresponding Teacher Slide Shows categorized by grade level (and assigned their appropriate Common Core Curriculum number).
    • Printable, editable handouts for teachers to use as classwork, homework or enrichment.


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