A Dose of Gross

This page is dedicated to sharing the life and math philosophy of our principal teacher, Professor Herb Gross.  To those of you who know him, you can attest to the fact that he truly deserves his title as master teacher. To those of you who have neither met Herb nor seen his videos (www.adjectivenounmath.com), we hope you take the time to read these to get a better idea of who and what the Math As A Second Language Team is.

This page will grow as Herb sends us more and more of his essays and philosophy.  There are many more and we can't wait to post them.  To learn more about Herb, please click Testimonials to read some of the many testimonials in Herb's honor.

Greetings! I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on Applying Math Lessons To Life.  We encourage you to participate in this conversation and send your thoughts to us. Use our guestbook or email us directly.

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